Yeelight Serene Eye-Friendly
Desk Lamp Pro
Protect the future of your eyes
Similar to Natural Lighting | No Harmful Blue Light
Eye-friendly with No Glare | Smart Eye Scheduling
Support the Gentle Eyes of Children and Students
the Best Way Possible
“Yeelight LED desk lamp has no direct glare when in its standard position, excellent color rendering quality, and passes the strobe test with a risk-free IEEE Std 1789 standard. Through the color temperature from the Kruithof curve, the light meets the principles of visual health in the metrics of spectrum and light distribution.”
-Fudan University, Professor Lim Yan-Dan
Laboratory of Electrical Light Sources
Blue Light, Strobe Light, and Uneven Light Can Harm Children’s Eyes
Experience the Naturalness of Daylight
Serene Pro uses the cutting-edge SunLike technology, creating a light that is very similar to natural daylight, which limits the amount of harmful blue light and protects the eyes. The patented technique creates a flexible desk lamp for all heights. The desk lamp’s smart timer feature gently reminds the child to take a break to prevent damage to the eyes.
Similar to Natural Sunlight for the Ease of Eyes
SunLike Technology
Using the cutting-edge SunLike technology that has been awarded with the German Elektronik Best Product Gold Award, Yeelight creats a distinctive desk lamp. Serene Pro uses violet light (while the typical LED uses blue light) in light generation, thus reducing the amount of harmful blue light and creating a better, eye-friendly light.
*Note: SunLike technology is an advanced technology developed by Seoul Semiconductor.
“Traditional LED desk lamps utilize large amounts of blue light, which can be harmful to children’s eyes. Serene Pro uses SunLike LED, an advanced technology that limits the harm to children’s eyes. In fact, it is certified to hold the highest level of safety.
-Dr. KiBum Nam, Seoul Semiconductor Global Executive Vice President
Spectrum Close to Natural Sunlight
Through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the human eye has adapted to natural light from the sun. Therefore, the closer a light is to natural daylight, the more comfortable it is to the eye. This is why Yeelight chose to use SunLike technology in its light beads. Through spectroscopy, we can see that the light emitted from SunLike light beads is similar to those from natural light, as opposed to the traditional LED light waves.
In the figure above, SunLike light beads provides light without the sharp peak of blue light as found in traditional LED light beads.
Eye-friendly with Low Blue
Light Content
Blue light with a wavelength between 420nm-450nm has strong penetration potential and could damage the cornea, eye lens, and even retina directly.
German TUV Certified
Serene Pro reduces excessive blue light and can decrease the damage from blue light to children's eyes. Yeelight received complete certification from German TUV* as a RG0 test proved the desk lamp had no retinal blue light hazard.
TUV Low Blue Light Content Certification
*German certification authorization RUV number: 2PfG 2383/06.166
*Photobiological safety standard number: IEC 62471
Strobe-free for A Smooth  Comfortable Environment
Serene Pro utilizes high definition RC filter which changes the frequency of the waves from transverse waves that is flash-prone to longitudinal waves. This achieves a stable lamp current supply and greatly reduces strobe light which may cause eye strain.
Strobe Inspection Curve
Yeelight Serene Pro strobe inspection data: high brightness – strobe depth 0.24% without stable frequency; low brightness – strobe depth 2.19%, -977HZ.
Perfect Brightness and Spread of Light
Using 88 SunLike light beads, Serene Pro emits light onto the surface that spreads evenly. Serene Pro guarantees brightness while avoiding glares and other complications. Whether it is a book in front of the child or an album on the table, it can be evenly illuminated.
Natural Light Providing You
with True Colors
With a color rendering index RA ≥95*, Serene Pro can accurately portray colors as though it was under natural daylight. Under the light from Serene Pro, you can accurately distinguish similar colors such as deep blue and black, allowing you to see the colorful world realistically.
*The value of color rendering index gets more close to 100, the better is the color rendering effect.
Comfortable Color temperature
for Gentle Eyes
Serene Pro has a color temperature of 4000K, which matches the industry standard for eye protection color temperature requirements. The light is soft but not glaring and will not cause drowsiness from the high color temperature, thus gently guarding your eyes.
Smart Desk Lamp for A Smart You
Smart Indicator Reminds
You to Take Breaks
Children are naturally curious beings, which results in them often being busy in their own crafts and forgetting to take breaks. Serene Pro solves this by including a “timer light” button. By holding this button for 2 seconds, it will initiate the protection setting so it gently dims and brightens after a preset period of time to alert the child that it is time to take a break. This helps protect the eyes and create good study habits for the child.
Smart APP Control
Using either the Mi Home App or Yeelight App, you can control the lamp through your phone. Select actions such as classroom simulation mode, timer setting, or other functions to help your child and his/her eyes.
Thoughtful Design to Aid Children through Their Growth
A Desk Lamp Growing with the Child
Using the patented multi-axis design technique, Serene Pro is adjustable to the child’s height. With a base of about 20cm in diameter, the lamp at its highest has a height of about 33cm x 20cm x 50cm.
Patent number: :201820484549.6 、 201820510402.X
Adjust the Brightness
with A Simple Touch
Children can easily control the brightness by simply sliding their finger on the slidebar of the lamp’s base.
Luminous structure
88 light beads
Luminous design
Bright and even lights
Brightness slidebar
10 light bead base
Light up with touch
Easy operation design
Metal counterweight
Anti-slip mat
Safe and stable
A Lamp Protecting the
Eyes of Families
Soft light that is similar to natural daylight not only protects the eyes of a child but also those of the entire family.
Product Name
Product Type
Product Color
Product Size
Net Weight
Luminance Flux
Color Temperature
Color Rendering
Brightness Range
Rated Power
Serene Pro
Moca Gold
100lm-650lm, dimmable